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Solvia Innova

Our commitment to innovation

Housing observatory

Programme of study and analysis activities with a marked profile of their own and which share the central guiding principle of innovation

Welcome Home – Award for Innovation

The architecture competition Welcome Home – Award to Innovation in Housing Design was conceived to promote innovation in housing design and to acknowledge the ideas that provide solutions for the ideal home for the 21st-century society. The aim of this competition is to reflect on the multi-dwelling unit while taking on the challenge of developing housing concepts that respond to today’s new social, economic, technological and environmental models.

This was a theory-based exercise of thought and proposal where the participants were not given a specific physical plot of land for the development of their proposals. Instead, one of the criteria particularly taken into account was the universal nature of the proposals. Similarly, it was important that proposals placed priority on the flexibility and adaptability of the home as primary features, to provide solutions for the different situations and circumstances of the occupants of the home throughout their life cycle.

C/ Pujades Restricted Competition

A competition held by Solvia to select a proposal for the construction of a residential building at Calle Pujades in Barcelona. This was a restricted initiative that was only open to the participation of the 9 finalist teams of the “Welcome Home – Solvia Award for Innovation in Housing Design”  competition.

The aim of this competition was to go a step further in reflecting on the type of housing that the 21st-century society needs, with the challenge of materialising innovative concepts in the home that respond to the new social, economic, technological and environmental models. Moreover, it was particularly important that the proposal did not stand out in its envisaged setting. In other words, one of the main requirements was that the project fit into its environment, taking into account the physical and urban planning limitations of a specific urban location.

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Housing Trends Study

The activity of Solvia Innova began with the outreach of the Housing Trends Study. The first study of its kind to be run in Spain, this enquiry was conducted by Solvia in collaboration with a think tank of experts in architecture, urban planning and sociology.

The study explores two clearly different moments: today, which involves an understanding of the current needs of the occupants of the home; and tomorrow, manifest in the future trends, anticipating the influence of the global forces of change on the home and how it is affected by the future needs of its dwellers.


Madrid 0,0 Competition

The Madrid 0,0 Competition is an initiative for the promotion and development of the future nearly zero energy building model (nZEB), as part of an effort to foster sustainability and energy efficiency in the buildings of our cities.

The Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) and Solvia have joined forces to promote ideas, knowledge and work models that foster the construction of new buildings with nearly zero energy use. This represents a clear leap ahead of European Union Directive 2010/31, which as of 31 December 2020, will require all member states to develop new construction buildings in keeping with the parameters set forth in this new building model.

This joint initiative was carried out through a national call for projects targeting architects. The aim was to create a residential building with nearly zero energy use.

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