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The single-family-home housing development of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, in Port Balís (Barcelona), is the result of a global reflection on how homes ought to adapt to the needs of their users, taking into consideration the social, demographic, economic and environmental changes that are generating new models and behaviours in families.

Adaptable growth

A house that grows with its owner.

Its design embodies a clear commitment to flexibility. The result: a home that adapts to different types of families, facilitating changes in their distribution throughout the life cycles of its dwellers.

The house can have up to five bedrooms that can be used for different purposes, whether as bedrooms, offices, workshops, etc., and they can be organized through time in keeping with the needs of each family. They can even be expanded in height, by building an attic floor and hence obtaining the fifth bedroom.


High quality construction

A genuine house of the future is one that your entire family can live in

This home was designed with an innovative industrialised modular building system based on the highest quality hard-wearing materials.

Each home consists of two industrialised high-performance reinforced concrete modules, with high thermal insulation to prevent the loss of energy in the winter and the entrance of heat in the summer.

Each module, in turn, is completely independent of the neighbouring modules, preventing the direct transmission of sound and providing excellent acoustic insulation. This construction system has earned the European Technical Suitability Certificate, which attests to the highest level of quality in every phase of the process.

Energy efficiency

More than an innovation, an obligation

Energy efficiency is just another dweller in this house. The home has been entirely designed to obtain greater energy savings and hence greater economic savings, obviously earning an A in Energy Performance.

Each and every detail has been designed to satisfy the demands of a society that is increasingly more sensitive to energy savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions, with its sights set at all times on the horizon marked by the European Union for 2020.

The calculated use of energy for this project is actually lower than the heating and cooling requirements of the most stringent energy labels, standing at around 6.5 kWh/ m2 per year for heating and 3.3 kWh/ m2 per year for cooling.

System controls via mobile phone app

From the office, the metro, the beach, the theatre…

Whenever the occupants wish to, they can control the security, lighting, blinds and energy savings systems conveniently from their Smartphone or via the tablet pc that is given to them with the delivery of the home.

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