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Solvia has begun to design an apartment building at Calle Pujades in Barcelona. This development was born out of the C/ Pujades Restricted Competition, with participation open only to the finalists of the Welcome Home Award. These 9 teams took their ideas on what sort of a home the society of the 21st century needs and brought them to a specific location: a plot of land located within the area of influence of District 22@, Barcelona’s quintessential district of innovation.

The plan envisages a number of evolving homes that can adapt to the lives of their occupants, as it includes the option of combining or separating the spaces within the homes.

Architects Federico Ortiz Sánchez and Lucía de Val Cremades were the winners of the competition hosted by Solvia, and hence drafted the basic plan. The proposal presented at the competition is currently being defined and adapted, to guarantee the best possible plan, a true benchmark.



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