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Today’s families are increasingly more diverse. There is little place left in the market for static products. Rather, homes should be transformable, enabling dwellers to gradually adapt them to their evolving lives.

In this sense, Solvia is marketing new-concept-based developments located in different towns of Madrid and Barcelona that will incorporate features specially designed to enable homeowners to adapt their homes to their specific needs.

The space you need. Evolving homes

For these specific developments and during their construction phase, the buyers will be offered the option of choosing from among different versions at no extra cost. The floor plans offered are evolved versions of an initial basic distribution, allowing the user to decide on whether he/she prefers larger rooms with less divisions or a more complex distribution with smaller rooms.

Hence, for each type of home, there are up to four different floor plans that the future user can evaluate, to subsequently select the one that best suits his/her family dynamics and hence his/her needs.

It must be mentioned that although the user may decide on a specific variation at the time of purchase, that decision is not permanent, as the homes have been designed to adapt to the changing needs of the family, with simple modifications. It is by virtue of this versatility that we speak of evolving homes, which can start out with a given floor plan and increase the number of its rooms as the family grows. By that token, those rooms can also decrease in number with the evolution of the family, leaving larger surface areas for each room.

The ambiance you need. Interior design

The furniture, its placement and the selected range of colours are details that determine the feel of a home. Sometimes, users are aware of their tastes and needs; yet it is especially difficult to express this in the home.

To help with this issue, Solvia has decided to incorporate in several of its developments an interior design consultation service at no cost whatsoever to the buyer. A team of professionals will analyse the customs and needs of the users of the home, to offer them the solution that best suits their family. The interior design plan, which will be presented to them after the study, can simply serve as a guide to help them in the future purchase of the furniture and furnishings for the decoration of their home.

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