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Solvia Innova

Our commitment to innovation

Applied innovation

Solvia Innova’s most tangible reality can now be seen in the diverse products that were born out of the different initiatives. Each of the products presented provides innovations in different areas.

Barcelona – Pujades, 279

Solvia has begun to design an apartment building at Calle Pujades in Barcelona. This development was born out of the C/ Pujades Restricted Competition, with participation open only to the finalists of the Welcome Home Award. These 9 teams took their ideas on what sort of a home the society of the 21st century needs and brought them to a specific location: a plot of land located within the area of influence of District 22@, Barcelona’s quintessential district of innovation.

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Torrejón de Ardoz – Londres, 34

Solvia is carrying out a pioneer initiative in Spain within the area of energy conservation for new properties, by designing a nearly zero energy use residential building (nZEB). To carry this out, Solvia has selected the town of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

This project, which is currently being drafted by the prestigious team Ruiz-Larrea & Asociados, is the result of the Madrid 0,0 Competition and speaks for Solvia’s steadfast commitment to developing a new housing model that places special emphasis on energy consumption.

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Sant Andreu de Llavaneres – Port, 14

The single-family-home housing development of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, in Port Balís (Barcelona), is the result of a global reflection on how homes ought to adapt to the needs of their users, taking into consideration the social, demographic, economic and environmental changes that are generating new models and behaviours in families.

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Paracuellos del Jarama – Violeta, 33

The single-family home development that Solvia has built in the town of Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid) is an excellent example of the application of innovative construction systems that guarantee the high energy efficiency of the homes, quality, quickness and affordability.

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Homes that adapt to the families that live in them

Today’s families are increasingly more diverse. There is little place left in the market for static products. Rather, homes should be transformable, enabling dwellers to gradually adapt them to their evolving lives.

In this sense, Solvia is marketing new-concept-based developments located in different towns of Madrid and Barcelona that will incorporate features specially designed to enable homeowners to adapt their homes to their specific needs.

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