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Development of investments


Our effective valuation models are based on real prices that have beenweighed up against our own sales.

We carry out more than 50,000 valuations per year. This activity has positioned us today as a leading consultant specialising in:

  • Valuations
  • Strategic asset management
  • Assistance in sales procedures

Our extensive knowledge of the market and vast experience in real estate and financial asset management allow us to offer a solid, meticulous and precise consultation service that is unique in the sector.


We are specialists in the evaluation of large volume and diverse portfolios

We have a specific and rigorous methodology for the evaluation of large residential asset portfolios, using our own statistical and comparative tools based on the latest similar transactions.

We perform complete evaluations of commercial real estate assets.

Strategic asset management

We design management strategies

We put together business plans and sensitivity analyses based on our own methodology.

We draw up feasibility studies on any kind of activity and take charge of their development.

We define rationalisation and divestment plans, focussing on the maximisation of profitability.

Sales process assistance

We provide accompaniment in any asset acquisition process

We provide assistance for the presentation of tenders: bidding processes, private auctions, single or multi-bidders.

We provide tax consultancy: from real estate asset portfolio optimisation purchases to pre-purchase reports or post-purchase tax adjustments.

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